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Who is ConnieMom?
MomWithFlower ~Connie Gibson, author, international speaker, and award-winning English professor, taught for the Foreign Language College at Jiangxi Normal University in Nanchang, Jiangxi, China for 15 years, from 2000-2015.

She is the recipient of China’s National Friendship Award, Jiangxi’s Mt. Lushan Award and several other awards including one created for her - The “FLTRP - Outstanding Contribution to English Learning in China Award” and others.

Professor Gibson, known as “ConnieMom” throughout China, is a very unique teacher with a different style of teaching.  She mostly uses task and project-based lessons, team or group work, discussions and activities, encouraging creative and critical thinking skills as well as communication in English writing and speech.

Children's Book Project:
Childrens Book Project
The ConnieMom Gibson Presents series of Children’s Books are the result of work by her English major students from the Foreign Language College of Jiangxi Normal University, Jiangxi, China.

The first set of 4 books were published by
Jiangxi Education Publishing House Ltd.  and released in Mandarin.  They are available for purchase online.  The English translation versions will follow.  Links coming soon...
The Little Cup and the Little BeanThe Little White ElephantMagic PowerWhere's Papa and Mama?
In ConnieMom’s own words: “I hope this project stimulates other teachers to bring creativity and critical thinking skills into the classroom.  May my student’s Children’s Book Project be loved and enjoyed by all!  Hopefully parents and grandparents alike will use this series of books to read to their “little ones” and draw them into the world of stories and story-telling while bonding generations together."

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